About us

SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Aarhus) is an organization that facilitates social and cultural events


Our target group is young adults under 35 years who identifies as LGBTQ+. 


Some of our events are "in-house" and are focused on "hygge" and great conversations at Mejlgade 71, where Sappho, a LGBTQ+ organization has let us borrow their place from time to time. 


Other events are "out-of-the-house" and takes place at different places in the city. It could be going to a museum, a concert, a ceramics class etc.


If you have any suggestions for activities you would like us to do, feel free to message us!


Membership to our organization is NOT necessary to participate in our events.


If you would like to enjoy some of the coffee, tea, or snacks we serve at our "in-house" events you have to pay a very small amount for free access to the snacks. We prefer MobilePay, but cash is okay as well. 


For most of the out-of-the-house events there will be a fee for e.g., entrance to a museum or for the food you order when we are dining out.




If you want voting rights at our general assembly, membership of our organization can be bought for 25DKK.

The Board



Currently doing her thing at ITU, where she is studying Digital Information and Management. Likes to cook, play table football, and talking about data feminism.



Law student and legal aid volunteer. My hobbies include (but are not limited to) wine, vaping and winning in all board games.





I'm 24 and a Copenhagener in Aarhus where I study cognitive semiotics. I love playing DnD, learning about queer history and winter bathing.



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